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Director: Michael Mann

Director of Photography: Donald E. Thorin

Music by: Tangerine Dream

Michael Mann's fiery breakthrough starring a coiled snake performance by James Caan and a tough, take-no-bullshit Tuesday Weld in the prime of her talents. The coffee shop scene between them is a masterclass. Mann is all about process, and the film nails the details of a thief on the job and how he weaves through a hazy underworld of corrupt cops and sinisterly benevolent gangsters. Mann is also no slouch in the writing department. The film is full of great lines:

"Lie to no one. If there 's somebody close to you, you'll ruin it with a lie. If they're a stranger, who the fuck are they you gotta lie to them?"

"I have run out of time. I have lost it all. So I can't work fast enough to catch up. I can't run fast enough to catch up. And the only thing that catches me up is doing my magic act."

"See, I - I am a straight arrow. I am a true blue kind of a guy. I've been cool. I am now unmarried. So let's cut the mini-moves and the bullshit, and get on with this big romance."

Great supporting cast includes Willie Nelson, Jim Belushi, Dennis Farina, and a very scary Robert Prosky. Excellent synth score by Tangerine Dream. One of our favorites. Bought at Videomatica.


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