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Budget: $2000

A double-cross following a diamond heist sends a man on a journey of repentance. Starring Darcy Laurie and Ron Selmour. Music by Protector 101.

"The Deep Blue Tomorrow"


Budget: $1000

A hitman questions his next move after taking a job that tests his boundaries. Made for the 2nd Annual AGBO No Sleep Til...  48hr Film Festival.

"The Blind"


Budget: $800

A friendly poker game turns sour when one player arrives looking to settle a score.

"Man Alone"


Budget: $1300

A man ventures into a toxic earth in search of air and discovers a group of survivors attempting to restart civilization.

"Cohesion" Director's Cut


Budget: $1500

After blowing a high stakes poker swindle, Gus Malone attempts to mend friendships broken by a life of crime. Director's Cut of an unreleased film from 2013. A rough oldie but a goodie.



Budget: $400

A man questions the measure of success on the way from being who he is to who he wants to be.

"Concrete Soul"


Music by Freezerburn
Written by Aaron Friesan

Edited by David Angelski
Filmed By Brandon Normon & Kevin Perissinotti


"Cohesion Trailer"


Budget: $1500

After blowing a high-stakes poker swindle, Gus Malone attempts to mend relationships that have become broken since he chose a life of crime.

"Fear in the Shadow of Desire"


Budget: $400

A man has visions that push him to pursue his dark urges. A Giallo-inspired film made for the 2011 Bloodshots 48hr Horror Filmmaking Challenge. Winner of Best Cinematography.

"The Pontiac"


Budget: $10

A love story between a man and his 1978 Pontiac Lemans.

"Long Road Home"


Budget: $40

A homeless man finds himself alone in a yuppy wasteland.

"Comfortably Numb"


Budget: $25

A painter endures one last day of work. Made for the 2008 24hr Film Race.

"The Shift"


Budget: $400

An ex-con takes a night job at a mysterious warehouse and confronts his demons. Made for the 2007 Bloodshots 48hr Horror Filmmaking Challenge.

"The Corpse"


Budget: $600

Two troubled detectives investigate a murder in an abandoned warehouse.



Pura Vida
Stand Up
War of The Dead
The Laundered Man
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