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"The Emerald Forest"


Director: John Boorman

Director of Photography: Philippe Rousselot

A staple on the video store shelf and one of the earliest movies I remember watching as a young kid and it had a profound effect on me. Definitely influenced my love of nature and being deep in the woods. Matured me early by impressing upon me the world can be a scary place and humans are not to be trusted. The moment the tribe comes to the edge of the forest and sees the extreme clearcutting and heavy machinery transforming the landscape. Horrific. Knowing that waterfall would soon meet the same fate was frightening to me and I couldn't understand it. The treatment of the women in the brothel. The contradiction of the natural beauty of the jungle and the pitiful squalor of man made cities. This film probably helped me become a loner. Beautifully shot. Highlights Boorman's fascination with the natural world and human's impact on it and each other. Check it out. Bought at Videomatica.

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