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New Beverly Edition:



Directors of Photography: Dick Bush, John M. Stephens

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch our favorite film of all time in glorious 35mm! The print was beautiful and the sound was amazing. Friedkin's career-killer had the misfortune of opening the same time as Star Wars and an epic battle ensued between the auteur-driven New Hollywood and the effects-driven cesspool we find ourselves currently enduring and unfortunately the broader picture won. Like the nail in the coffin "Heaven's Gate", "Sorcerer" was a financial bust and is partly blamed for the end of the era of the director. But the film is a masterpiece. I would say it is Friedkin's "Apocalypse Now" as you feel the passion and the exhaustion of making such a rugged and physical film. Rush out a see it now! Thanks to the New Beverly.

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