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New Beverly Cinema Edition:

First up:

"The Choirboys"


Director: Robert Aldrich

Director of Photography: Joseph F. Biroc

I arrived late to a thin crowd and took my seat halfway through the film and I immediately had a smile on my face. Happy to be back at the New Beverly watching glorious 35mm. "Choirboys" is a late '70s cop film about bad LA cops acting badly. A mix of comedy and intense drama. The comedy doesn't work as it's too slapstick and silly. I found more laughter in real character moments. The drama is played well by the better actors, but the situations are so ridiculous through today's eyes that it doesn't always sell. Not a classic or a great film, but I did have a good time on this romp full of crass characters. Charles Durning as "Sperm Whale" is electric and feels like he is about to explode through the entire movie. Burt Young is touching and hilarious, laughing his way through a memorable performance. A stacked cast includes Louis Gossett Jr., Perry King, Clyde Kusatsu, Stephen Macht, Randy Quaid, Don Stroud, and James Woods. Already bought the DVD so I can check out the rest of the film.

Next up:



Director: Don Sharp

Director of Photography: Ernest Steward

An unusually subdued Rod Steiger stars in a "Day of the Jackal" style thriller about a non-violent Irishman pushed to pursue a plan to blow up British Parliament and assassinate the Queen. Great acting and a tense build-up as the man's plan unfolds while being hunted by the IRA and the British authorities. Great finale using real footage of the Queen speaking to Parliament that seamlessly matches the dramatic scenes. Very entertaining film.

Nice to watch real movies again. Nice to watch 35mm. Nice to not see endless CGI hellscapes. And nice to only pay $13 for the privilege. Thanks New Beverly!

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