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Spielberg Triple Feature:

"War of the Worlds" (2005)

"A.I." (2001)

"Minority Report" (2002)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Director of Photography: Janusz Kaminski

A trio of later-period Spielberg with a darker and more cynical bent than his traditional blockbusters. Each film has a sharp sense of dread and sinister undercurrents. Great special effects and sometimes strange cinematography assist films that are prescient in their depiction of a future surveillance state and automation. Excellent and creative use of projection, holograms, touch screen, and human/computer interface. Like a lot of his films, these are populist entertainment containing intriguing concepts brought to life using the latest technologies with huge budgets. But Spielberg is older and the world at the time was full of fear and violence and war, and while he is still like a kid playing with all the toys, he no longer is interested in national uplift. There are still hopeful endings, but you don't believe that he believes it. Bought at Videomatica.

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