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New Beverly Cinema Edition

First up:

Tobe Hooper Triple Feature:

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974)

"Eaten Alive" (1976)

"The Funhouse" (1981)

Followed by:

"The Getaway"


Director: Sam Peckinpah

Director of Photography: Lucien Ballard

Written by: Walter Hill

"The Outfit"


Director: John Flynn

Director of Photography: Bruce Surtees

Finally got the chance to attend The New Beverly Cinema after several failed attempts. Travelled from Vancouver for this. Exciting to experience real cinema again. Glorious 35mm for all features and trailers. Affordable tickets and concession. There is much talk of why cinema is dead. We have several theories:

  1. ADVERTISEMENTS. I remember the first time an ad (aside from movie trailers of course) screened at the beginning of a movie. There was resounding boos from the entire crowd. The cinema was sacred ground. We paid for the ticket and the popcorn and that was a contract that we were not to be subjected to ads. This was something for television, a rough trade off due to that home medium being free. Now there is literally almost 20 minutes of ads before the trailers begin. This soils the experience and we all feel duped as we didn't agree to being subjected to car ads before a movie. Already wanting to leave. The New Beverly has no ads. Just an old short cartoon and old trailers all projected on film.

  2. PRICE. To go out to a movie is very expensive, especially if you are taking a family. Ignoring travel and parking costs, the average ticket price is quite high and the price of concession is astronomical and creates bitterness as we know we are being ripped off to the extreme. The New Beverly's tickets are very affordable and you can see three movies for the price of one at a new corporate theatre. And concession is very cheap. You feel welcomed there. You are not being ripped off.

  3. DIGITAL MOVIES AND PROJECTION. We have the ability to watch blu rays at home on big screens with great sound these days. Just ask my couch, I'm a fan of this. But to properly see a movie in the theatre, the loss of film projection has put a dent in this experience. The scope, the feel, the look, the grain all make the experience more magical for a film fan than going out to watch a blu ray. But I guess that's what happens when people want to save money and time and films become "content". The New Beverly always screens on film.

  4. ASSIGNED SEATING. This is stupid. Let me walk into a theatre and gauge the room and sit where I want. Is this supposed to make it feel special?

  5. CORPORATE LANDSCAPE. Walk into any major multiplex these days and there is video games and other overpriced corporate fast food. Feels like Disneyland. Yuck.

  6. BAD MOVIES. Let's face it, movies suck these days. They seem to be interchangeable and extremely formulaic. Adults used to go to the movies. But if all you are offering is some safe, inoffensive, bland CGI-filled sequel, who cares? Movies used to be challenging, daring, intelligent, and artful. We need to grow up a little bit, stop recycling all the old ideas that touched a nerve, and get some quality back.

Please go visit The New Beverly Cinema at your earliest convenience. "Always on Film".

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