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Updated: Mar 7

"The Outside Man"


Director: Jacques Deray

Director of Photography: Silvano Ippoliti, Terry K. Meade

A French hitman arrives in LA to carry out a contract on a mob boss and finds himself the target of another killer in this lean '70s French noir thriller shot in sunny California. Jean-Louis Trintignant is cool and collected no matter how dire his situation gets. Roy Scheider is a crazed and cruel gunman opening fire all over LA to get his target. Ann-Margret is the sexy tough stripper who gets roped into the whole affair and develops a soft spot for the French killer and helps him in his quest. Angie Dickinson is a cold housewife involved in the entire affair from the beginning. The film is a great example of what is now a rarity - a spare, slow-paced thriller without wall-to-wall music that portrays real characters in real situations played out in real time. The film doesn't need the superfluous thrills as you are tapped into the story and along for the ride thanks to the talent involved. Opens with great aerial shots of LA looking spotless. A fun funky jazz score by Michel Legrand. Great car chase through the Venice canals. Love the great anti-Hollywood '70s ending. Wonderfully crappy early '70s automobilia. Our first watch and a great find. Bought at Videomatica.

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